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Geoffrey Aitken

i am a shopaholic


a neo-progressive

basket filler

of contemporary ideals

and political propriety


i communicate relevance

while recycling



and immediacy


i still seek value

quality and durability

while transacting

good humour


and authenticity


I power purchase

Geoffrey Aitken is an awarded South Australian poet and retired educator. His debut industrial signature styled Chapbook i want that in writing (Ginninderra Press 2020) was generated from his open mic spoken word poetry. He won a place (of three) in the Friendly Street Poets Anthology New Poets 19 (Rainbow Press 2018). You can find him at where you’ll see his poetry credits that include AUS, UK, US, CAN, CN and FR. Most recently at State of Matter (US), Hole in the Head Review (US) and Radon (US). His lived experience concerns him about mental health along our avenues.

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