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Radon is a triannual journal publishing prose and poetry relating to science fiction, anarchism, transhumanism, and dystopia. We pay semi-professional rates.

We publish quality literature every mid-January, May, and September.

Radon nominates its writers for nearly a dozen awards. They include the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, O. Henry Prize, Best Microfiction, PEN/Dau Short Story Prize, Best Small Fictions, New Weird Horror Award, Best Horror of the Year, and Best New Poets.

Epic Journeys - Sam Chivers


​At Radon, we know what we love and hope you will share in our revelry. We strive to be a professional community for a unique blend of passions. Our  goal is to amplify the voices of writers who see the world differently, who use story and verse to expose injustice and investigate our impending futures.

It is our vow to remain non-profit and transparent. We are here to embody the wholesome values of anarchy (direct democracy, equality, free association, mutual-aid) and provide an avenue for writers to join the conversation. 

If you envision writing on Mars before you die, gleefully run toward the technological singularity, or want to fight back against the world, then you've found home. Welcome. 


Aimer – Anarcho-transhumanist and anti-fascist. Holds an MPS in Publishing, MFA in Poetry, and BA in Prose. Works for a non-profit in D.C. publishing science research. Was a spoken word poet for fifteen years and is an SFWA and SFPA author. 

Angie – Publishing professional originally from the Caribbean. She loves anything fiction and is determined to give underrepresented folks a platform. She can't live without coffee and you'll most likely find her in a corner reading or knitting.

Cress – A writer and editor with a passion for research and traveling whenever possible. Enjoys sci-fi, video games, and learning new crafts. An avid lover of dogs.


Francis – Spent his academic and professional life immersed in the world of books, first majoring in literature and creative writing, then working as a librarian and as a bookstore manager. He spends his spare time voraciously reading and writing, particularly things in the vein of the weird, macabre, mysterious, and queer, with his cat Gorgonzola by his side.


Hannah – Queer New England-based speculative fiction writer and MFA candidate. Spends her free time writing music, painting, and daydreaming about Lovecraftian monsters. Helping first-time authors get published is her favorite thing.

Lucas – Queer fiction editor with a bachelor's degree in Fiction from Arizona State University. Enjoys cold drinks, good books, and talking shit about corporations.

Maya – Writer/editor from the Mundelein, Illinois. She's worked for Heavy Metal Magazine, Fangoria, and Locus. Her Substack is Muse from the Orb. She enjoys speculative fiction with elements of history, anthropology, and music. Her lucky number is 13.


Sol – Queer biohealth student from the Pacific Northwest with a passion for writing. She enjoys spilled ink poetry, biopunk sci-fi, powerful narrative in any form, and tabletop gaming.

Teague, PhD – Engineer and researcher by day. Anti-fascist science fiction author and editor by night. 

Raccoon anarchist graffiti art
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