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Submission Guidelines

Radon welcomes short stories and poetry containing elements of science fiction, anarchism, transhumanism, or dystopia.

We publish quality literature every mid-January, May, and September.


  • Submissions are accepted year-round.

  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome.

  • Reprints accepted if writer has the rights.

  • AI submissions are not allowed at Radon.

Please click below to submit your work through our no-fee Submittable page:




We kindly request a third-person bio that is 100-words or shorter in your cover letter.

Author rights:


For original work, Radon asks for first English digital rights and non-exclusive, indefinite archival rights.

Authors published in Radon cannot be accepted into the issue immediately following, but may submit after this period.

Our issue reading periods are:

  • January: Aug. 16 - Dec. 15

  • May: Dec. 16 - April 15

  • September: April 16 - Aug. 15


We accept flash fiction and short story submissions up to 3,000 words. Radon pays a semi-professional rate of 2¢ per word for original work and 1¢ for reprints.

For quicker processing, please use a submission style similar to the modern manuscript format. We ask that you utilize single-spacing. Please note that we do not publish fantasy stories and are looking for work that includes leftist social commentary.

Transhuman The Creation of Adam Robot Hand Human hand.jpg


Please submit up to five poems in a single Word document. There is no line limit. Radon pays a semi-professional rate of $20 per original poem and $10 for reprints.

We request single-spaced formatting using a standard 12pt font such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Lato.


The poetry editor prefers free verse poems with narrative elements. Page and spoken word poems are equally welcome.


The Fiery Rigngs of KontuSal_Final Sunset.jpg

Are you an artist?

Radon is looking for evocative digital art to showcase in our published issues and on our website. We pay $100 for issue cover art, $30 for back cover art, and $20 for art used on our site.

Please use our Submittable system to submit your art, accessible via the Submit button on this page. Due to ethical concerns, we do not accept AI-generated artwork.

As an online publisher, we request digital artwork that is at least 300 DPI. Cover art submissions should fit in a 5.5 x 8.5 aspect ratio. 

utopia by Cho Ra art change society.jpg
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