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Author Interviews

Angel Leal Headshot

Conversation with Angel Leal

Angel discusses sci-fi as a vehicle for trans and nonbinary issues, the state of LGBTQ+ in the SFF community, finding socially conscious markets, and the state of Texas

Brian U. Garrison Headshot

Conversation with Brian U. Garrison

Brian examines the duality of writing poetry alongside picture books, life as SFPA's secretary, and answers if robots can be programmed to love.

Jon Olfert Headshot

Conversation with Jon Olfert

Jon excavates the paleofiction sub-genre, winning rejection contests, and speculative fiction that has healed and expanded his soul.

Vanessa Jae

Conversation with Vanessa Jae

Vanessa describes finding work at Apex Magazine and Strange Horizons, along with her most recent anarchies and mosh pits.

Jack Morton Headshot

Conversation With Jack Morton

Jack questions parallel tracks of human evolution and the necessary intersection of transhumanism with anarchism

Dawn Vogel with cute cat

Dawn Vogel Author Interview

Delving into the crossing of history and science fiction, writing website upkeep, and what the concepts MerMay and Drawlloween are

Ai Jiang on Street

Author Interview: Ai Jiang

Ai explores landing her first book agent, her upcoming novella, and organically growing an online following.

Robin Pond

Author Interview: Robin Pond

The fascinating intersection of renowned Canadian playwright and novelist.

Aeryn Rudel Headshot

Author Interview: Aeryn Rudel

Exploring tabletop RPGs, novellas, writing challenges, social media, and taking on rejection, Aeryn tells all.

Angela Acosta Headshot

Chatting With Angela Acosta

Angela investigates academia vs. creative pursuits, Latinx sci-fi poetry, and writing while obtaining a PhD.

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