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Helpful Reminders

be grateful for the crumbs, pittance flung

towards shoeless feet, launched by hands

of self-proclaimed philanthropists, drunk

off smugness, rubbing their satisfied bellies

be thankful, oh so thankful. plastic grins

& starved bodies helplessly dependent

& concealing pain. facade of joy & a life

of accepting unjust burden with a smile

did you make your required offering yet?

did you pledge your undying allegiance

to the infallible powers above reproach,

so great & so impervious to criticism?

don’t forget to worship the violence above,

the heroes & idols & structures & systems

which you signed up to serve at your birth,

the unbreakable contract to bow to authority

it’s imperative you snuff out dreams of wandering

astray, to fall in line, to remain a loyal prisoner

in the name of freedom, to continue kissing

guilty hands of the abuser, forever grateful

you must avoid subversion by any means necessary

lest you discover the cracks in the faulty foundation,

the escape routes exposing fragile insecurity, unveiling

the suffering committed in the absence of our consent

Alex Aldridge is a writer who traded the gloomy skies of Portland, OR to move back to the desert of Tucson, AZ. When they aren't talking to their dog when out walking together, they are in conversation with notebooks and Post-It notes scattered throughout their apartment. They find it much easier to communicate through the written word and talking to their dog than they do speaking to other humans.

Radon Journal Issue 6 cover art
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