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Lae Astra • Tristan Beiter • P.A. Cornell • Jenna Hanchey • Jordon Hirsch • Pooja Joshi • Esmé Kaplan-Kinsey • Mary Soon Lee • Ashlee Lhamon • Susan L. Lin • Akis Linardos • Christine Lucas • Elis Montgomery • Russell Nichols • Keira Perkins • David Serafino • Elena Sichrovsky • Alex T. Singer • • Jenny Thompson • Stephen Wing

Issue #7
Now Available

Brave New Weird Award and Rhysling Award winning authors

Art by Yuumei

Science fiction exoplanet art

Science Fiction

by Mary Soon Lee

"A motley miscellany salvaged
in the aftermath of combat,
carefully cached in duffels
as if these humdrum mementos
were relics from a holy war."

Anarchist A with man waving a flag

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