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(First published in Rural Southern Voice for Peace)

The ones who

dig up the ground to make power,

they forget

whose power it is

The ones who use up

the ore in the rocks to make war,

they forget

where power comes from

We who sleep

in this soft place on the earth,

we remember

the debt we owe to gravity

We who sit

in council with the rocks and trees,

we remember

a stone guards every grave

Any place is powerful

where we choose to stand and give

our lives to the earth

The roots go down into the ground

Stephen Wing lives in Atlanta, where he serves on the boards of the Lake Claire Community Land Trust and Nuclear Watch South. He is the author of five books of poems, including Wild Atlanta, inspired by his quarterly “Earth Poetry” workshops exploring the city’s many urban greenspaces, and his latest, Washed in the Hurricane, focusing on climate change. Visit him at

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