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At Firefly Moon Thrift Shop

Come in, come in.

Chilly tonight, isn't it?

Set down your things

by our electric fireplace,

have a complimentary cup

of apple cider, freshly made

from an ancient recipe. Oh,

this? It's a new shipment of

galaxy-patterned parkas.

See the glittering spiral arms,

this exquisite dark matter lining?

Go on, slip it ‘round your shoulders—

Ah, yes. The previous wearer

worked on sustainable homes

in vast Terran forests,

revived. It's quite alright, love.

I, too, could not hold back tears

upon first touching that vivid

birdsong. Those flashes of

sun-drenched green

humming, still whirring

with ordinary joy. Waving

arms through cosmic dust

brushing particles of new life . . .

Familiar memories, you say?

Ah . . . of course.

Take it with you then,

and if you drop by next week

we'll have a shipment of boots

that once walked on Terran soil.

lae astra is an agender artist and writer who calls Tokyo home. Their work has appeared in The Future Fire, Star*Line, Strange Horizons, The Account, Slow Orbit, and elsewhere. Find them at

Radon Journal Issue 6 cover art
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