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Martian Invasion

Saganopolis admitted it first.

they always came in the night

the invaders, hiding paper-thin bodies

in cracks too tiny to see

ugly welts, strange rashes

soon spread across

the colonized face of Mars

skillfully pitting neighbor against neighbor

as they’d done since we scrambled out of the caves

Phobos said they had come from Deimos

while Deimos pointed at Phobos

‘It Came From Earth!’

they finally shouted

as bedbugs at last

had come to Mars

David Dickinson is an astronomy book author, freelance science writer, frequent contributor to Sky and Telescope and Universe Today, retired U.S. Air Force vet, and long-time amateur astronomer. His short fiction and poetry have been published on The Drabblecast and in Star*Line.

Radon Journal Issue 6 cover art
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