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The Dream of the Teleportation Helmet

(This poem is best viewed on a PC)

One word, one thought & you’re sent anywhere—

       frost pink & sickening, your surroundings swirl

& betray you, abandon you up to the void

       for just a moment—not even, for a timeless point,

a zero-dimension, & then like language the new

       landscape engulfs you, born from desire. Anywhere,

dimension dashed aside—even you, even within

       your embodied space, your body conscious of

boundaries. My singularity, let me shoot myself

                  into your veins, let me spelunk each capillary,

    my fingertips zapping on each nerve cell. I want

                  to be on your mind—I’ll brave your brain,

photobook through our memories, frame a few

      on the wall behind your eyeballs: look,

                  we’re sitting beside the fountain, sun hot,

                  pretending we don’t notice pinkies overlapping.

                  Or this one, night-dark like undeveloped film:

                  close your eyes & lean in—the warmth of your

                  neck, smell of your hair, hush of your breath.

T. Dallas Saylor (he/they) is a PhD candidate at Florida State University and holds an MFA from the University of Houston. His work meditates on the body, especially gender and sexuality, against physical, spiritual, and digital landscapes. He currently lives in Denver, CO. He is on Twitter: @dallas_saylor.

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