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forgive me, Foreman, for i have sinned.

it has been two pay periods

since my last confession.

over these last pay periods,

i have not made my quota.

i have fallen short every day.

i took a full hour for lunch

wednesday last.

i took a full shift off work

due to a medical illness.

               I see, said the Foreman

               behind his screen.

               these are serious offenses.

               are you repentant?

yes, Foreman.

               increase your mandatory quota

               by seven percent.

               decrease your hourly wage

               by three percent.

thank you, Foreman.

               Profit be with you.

Profit be with you.

James Redfern was born and raised in Long Beach, California. The poem “confessional” is from an upcoming collection titled THE PROFIT. Recently, his poetry has appeared in Beatific Magazine, The Raw Art Review, We Are Antifa, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Closed Eye Open, and elsewhere. His most recent collection, THE BAKER, was published by Moonstone Arts Center in 2022.

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