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Instant Activist (Just Add Starbucks)
by Sydney Sackett

I only drink coffee if I know the names of

one or two cute Brazilians out of school who

broke their backs for it.

Fast fashion featuring faces and

wages of silica-choked sweatgirls—scan

the QR code to send O-Lan

a rice bowl. You know

it’s got to be organic! GMOs I rate

about the same as puppy mills. They test

on baby animals. Instead, try Trader Joe’s. Tomato

pickers earn Florida livings, indentured only miles from

the Happiest Place on Earth. I love how Disney

represents so many cultures: Maori, Colombian,

and black (except in Chinese showings).


It weighs on me to wave signposts this ethical,

but not as much as picking up a weapon would.

Sydney Sackett (she/her) is a queer speculative fiction author and poet pursuing her English major in Frostburg State University, Maryland. Some of her work appears in Etherea, Short Circuit, and Not One of Us. The writer can be tracked down at, where she's hoping to nab someone's story for editing.

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