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Gary Every

            The sidewalks are full of free doom

            for anyone who allows themselves to be tyrannized.

            If I choose to walk in rhythm,

            my heart beating like a metronome

            and my eyes filled with the songs of birds,

            how will they prove it is unlawful poetry?

            If I take the tools of a child,

            crayons, joy and imagination,

            and use them to scribble on walls

            will it really matter what I say,

            or only that I violate the silence?

            The fun police can wash this wall,

            wipe away my words

            but the important thing

            is I stole these crayons,

            stuffed them in my pockets.

            I drop one crayon at a bus stop

            and lose another at a coffee shop

            until one by one words drop

            from the brightly colored fingers of strangers

            and into the hearts of others.

            I walk down the street in rhythm,

            my heart beating time like a metronome,

            my eyes filling with the songs of birds.

            But big brother will never suspect me of any crime

            even though I carry a dream in my heart

            and pockets full of graffiti rockets,

            ideas exploding everywhere.

Gary Every is an award-winning journalist, slam poet, teacher, musician, and professional storyteller. He was the host of the Poetry and Prose Project literary reading series in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona where wages are low, rent is high, but the hiking is incredible. While you’re reading this, Mr. Every is probably hiking.

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