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Double Down on Darkness
Bruce Boston

Double down on deceit.
Feed the propaganda machine.
Deal in illusion and absolutes.
Exalt the canticles of unreason
and the canons of blind faith.
Smother education unless it
feeds the maw of the State.
Obscure the lessons of history.
Mire logic in sophistry,
drown thought in trivia,
understanding in the brutal
cries of the ravenous mob.

Double down on divisiveness.
Stoke the engines of bigotry
and genocidal wish fulfillment.
Turn each race against another,
pit religion against religion
and gender against gender.
Crucify our shared humanity
on the pulpits of doom and
the ancient altars of hate.

Double down on destruction.
Wage wars pointless except
for the profits rendered.
Sacrifice the young first.
Excuse the severed limbs,
the scarred faces and minds
in the cause of freedom or
security or an unnamed fear.
Forget the flag-draped coffins.

Double down on devastation
of the Earth as we know it.
Dismiss the dwindling forests
and the calving ice shelves. 
Disregard the dying species

never to be seen again.
Safe in your palace shelters,
overlook the acid rains.
Let the hydrocarbons flow,
poisoning the ecosphere
for generations to come.

Double down on darkness,
you warlocks of corrupt
power and endless greed.
Double down on disaster,
you psychopathic bastards.
Double down on death,
you malignant lesions
on the face of our time. 

Bruce Boston’s fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and twice been a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award (novel, short story). His stories have appeared in Asimov’s SF Magazine, Amazing Stories, Daily Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Science Fiction Age, The Twilight Zone Magazine, and other magazines and anthologies. His latest fiction collection, Gallimaufry (Plum White Press, 2021) is available online from Amazon and other corporate culprits.

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