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Rachel Ayers

Author Rachel Ayers standing in front of white wall in a dress and smiling

Rachel Ayers lives in Alaska, where she writes and hosts shows for Sweet Cheeks Cabaret. She has a Master’s in Library and Information Science, which comes in handy at odd hours. The DM for her D&D group is constantly exasperated by her need for more research texts to read in her spare time, especially as they are a homebrew group. She dabbles with oil painting, knitting, and making burlesque costumes and pasties. Her fiction appears in Metaphorosis, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Radon Journal, and the upcoming anthology Fall into Fantasy; she is a regular contributor at She shares speculative poetry and flash fiction (and cat pictures) at

Radon Works

"They Came in Tiny Ships” – Issue 2


Rachel talks about her hosting of an Alaskan burlesque show, her job as librarian amid the US culture wars, writing for, the need for writers to learn about the publishing and marketing side of the industry.

August 10, 2023

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