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Brian Pilling

Brian Pilling Headshot

Brian Pilling is an author and poet based in Cape Cod. He has been published in The Main Street Rag, The Berkshire Review, Cutbow Quarterly, Missive Magazine, Contemporary Jo, New Pop Lit, Hidden Peak Press, and other literary journals. Brian has two chapbooks, The Poet’s Struggle and A Substitute Algebra Teacher with a Penchant for Poetry. Brian is a recent winner in The Cape Cod Times poetry contest. His writing is inspired by his grandfather Germoglino Saggio—an immigrant poet of note, whose work is housed at the University of Minnesota.

Radon Works


Brian illuminates his prose-poetry style, his latest chapbook release along with his upcoming second, gives advice for young poets, life as grandson to the famous Italian poet Germoglino Saggio, and explains how Benito Mussolini was his grandfather's first editor.

October 19, 2023

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