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J.D. Harlock

Stylized image of an anime character from the show Texhnolyze

J.D. Harlock is a Syrian Lebanese Palestinian writer and editor based in Beirut. In addition to his posts at Wasafiri, as an editor-at-large, and at Solarpunk Magazine, as a poetry editor, his writing has been featured in New Lines Magazine, Strange Horizons, Star*Line, Nightmare Magazine, and the SFWA Blog. You can find him on Twitter @JD_Harlock.

Radon Works

"Neo-Beirut, Closed City” – Issue 4


J.D. discusses his poetry editor experiences at Solarpunk Magazine, anime for positive male role models, themed magazine issues, SFPA's Eye of the Telescope, and utopian publishing amid a dystopian world.

August 3, 2023

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