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Aeryn Rudel

Author Aeryn Rudel Headshot with a Beard

Aeryn Rudel is a writer from Tacoma, Washington. He is the author of the Acts of War novels published by Privateer Press, and his short fiction has appeared in The Arcanist, On Spec, and Pseudopod, among others. He occasionally offers dubious advice on writing and rejection at or on Twitter @Aeryn_Rudel. Last month he published his baseball horror novella, Effectively Wild, now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Radon Works

When Gods Walk” – Issue 4

Hunting Snowmen” – Issue 2

Fertilizer” – Issue 1


Aeryn offers insight into death metal's value as a writing tool, keeping up your daily word count, seven stages to reacting to literary rejection, and developing a process for querying novel agents.

August 17, 2023

Exploring tabletop RPGs, novellas, writing challenges, social media, and taking on rejection, Aeryn tells all.

October 29, 2022

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